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Wow, so maybe now that a bunch of my sistas are going to be reading… - Random EmCash Input

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November 19th, 2003

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06:11 pm
Wow, so maybe now that a bunch of my sistas are going to be reading about my life on a regular basis, I should write about my life on a regular basis. :-P Well, what's to say? CRAZINESS going on lately with term papers and studying for exams and then *gasp* juries and finals...in that order. Not only that, but my jury is being used as a scholarship audition for the College of Music so that maybe they'll give me a little extra moo-la for next year and the year after since I'm going to get zippo my senior year (shitty transfer scholarship that doesn't last the time I'm here...boooooo!)

Aside from the craziness, I went to some amazing and inspiring musical performances this past weekend. I went to the Sigma step show on Friday night where SAI and Genesis sang. Then Saturday was the Wind Ensemble concert and later Jennifer Screen's conducting recital with Chorale. Sunday was Gospel Brunch, put on by Cindy's committee and that was Genesis again. Then at 3pm was the University Band concert. SAI was just all OVER that place. And that was with me missing Lucy K playing at Tip's in Thumpasaurus (cuz Rebekah and I were lazy asses and very, VERY tired). Then, to continue the musical extravaganza, Monday night was SAI singer/songwriter night where everybody just rocked the house (esp. LUCY GOOSE!).

Tuesday night was lacking in the musical experience, which is perhaps why I'm cranky today. But I'm going to see the LPO put on Mozart's requiem tomorrow night at the Orpheum with Meghan and Justin. Very exciting. Anyway, that's all I feel like talking about for now. I'm on duty, so if you love me, you'll come visit or at least call me x3701.

Love and hugs,
Current Mood: soresore

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Date:November 19th, 2003 04:35 pm (UTC)
Yay! you're back! (well, to livejournal world. I see you like everyday...)

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