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BACK FROM SPAIN! I don't even know how long it's been since I've… - Random EmCash Input

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August 2nd, 2004

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07:54 am
BACK FROM SPAIN! I don't even know how long it's been since I've written on this thing, but I started a whole spiel on my subprofile and figured I'd copy/paste it here since it's pretty much the way I speak on here. I'm also not online very long where people can check my subprofile, so better to inform my "far-aways" of what's going on with this thing. :)

So just found out that Voodoo Fest is during fall break this year and I will be missing Beastie Boys. But what would I rather do? Yup, probably rather leave the state and see Kyle. Definitely. Speaking of travelling, I also found out yesterday that 1) I am going to be one of seven bridesmaids in Courtney and Mikey's wedding
2) The bachelorette party is going to be in Manhattan...
3)conveniently during the week of my Spring break when I may be there visiting Kyle for my birthday anyway!

The dates are tentative according to what Courtney was saying yesterday, but she did say in March after Andy and Lori's wedding, so that pretty much leaves the entire 11 days I'm on Spring break and probably during my birthday because the very next weekend is Easter. Doubt they're going to have it during easter weekend.

AND to top it all off, Courtney sent a little package with the letter to ask us to be bridesmaids...

It was a white box with black ribbon. I opened it and guess what?

Black tee shirt with "bridesmaid" written in pink in a white text box...on the back said, "Courtney & Mikey, May 22, 2005, Winston, NC". How awesome is that?? My mom was like, "That's where Courtney and her Marketing career come in!". LOL. I thought it was great.

What else? I am not up for reviewing my entire trip to Spain just yet, mainly because my jet lag has me awake at, yes, the hour of 7am...mainly because it's about 1pm where my body is still at, but that means I only slept 7 hours last night. Trying to get back on track, slowly but surely. Anyway, I have a lot of work to do on my own personal (paper) journal, and, like the traditional person that I am, that one comes first.Sorry. In a nutshell, I went to Spain with 5 pairs of shoes and came home with 9. You do the math. :-D

More later, maybe? Maybe I can keep this up.
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