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Imogen time - Random EmCash Input

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May 11th, 2006

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02:03 pm - Imogen time
About ten of us are going to see Imogen Heap on Saturday at One Eyed Jack's. I'm particularly excited about this show because I think it might be a good venue for her. I hope it doesn't sell out, because I'd honestly like to have a minimal crowd there for elbow room and enough there for her to make money, of course. You know how it goes. Anyway, hopefully it won't have a ton of drunkies.

I'm getting totally psyched for my road trip back to CT even though I'm going by myself. (shhhh, don't tell the crazies.) I'm leaving on Sunday to drive through Atlanta and stop at Cindy's new house for dinner, then continuing on to Greenville (if all goes well) to stay with Andy and Lori. Monday I'm headed to Baltimore, which is a big stretch, but I want to spend some time with Kate. Haven't seen her since New Year's Eve! Then she's off to Mississippi and I'm off to NYC to stay with Kirsten and Deryl for two nights. I'm stalling in NYC because Mikey and Courtney are having a farewell party in Hell's Kitchen (well, a farewell bar-hopping anyway) on the 18th. They're moving to D.C. on the 19th, so it's their last night in the big bad apple. Should be a fun time.

Anyway, Friday will bring my reunion with CT for the first time in 2006. I'll be happy to get home to Wyatt, the DVR, a full fridge, cooler weather, natural shade, quiet streets, and the vicinity of NYC friends. Can't wait! Love to all. Who knows when I'll update this again.

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